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Click on the link below for a virtual tour of our garden over the course of seven months:

360 degree virtual tour of the garden

Good Earth Gardeners:

Please Report Volunteer Hours

Even though the 2019 Good Earth Garden Season is nearing the end of season we are looking forward to fall harvest of tasty vegetables and a few more chores to accomplish before we put the garden to bed for the winter. (Friendly reminder: Bed cleanout must be complete by December 1, 2019.) We are keeping a record of all the reported Volunteer Hours, and several members have not submitted paper or email reports of volunteer time even though we on the Board know many have been contributed. The Board reports the total to SCCGA at the end of each year. If you are a gardener who has not supplied a report for volunteer activity, PLEASE do so at your earliest convenience. Paper forms are available in the garden shed. Alternatively you can send an email. An estimate of your hours for the season is acceptable; all volunteer hours are important to the mission and support our community garden! 



Good Earth has exciting and informative classes throughout the year. Watch for notice of classes during the 2019 growing season! See Calendar and Events pages for details. 


John Towne named volunteer of the month

Bandon Good Earth Garden is part of a larger organization – the South Coast Community Garden Association (SCCGA). There are four other community gardens in Coos County: Lakeside, Coos Bay, Coquille, and Myrtle Point. To grow in our organic garden, you pay $10 for the SCCGA membership and $20 for 4’ X 12’ plot.

Besides providing an organic gardening space for the community, we present educational opportunities to new and experienced gardeners. We also offer scholarships to the Bandon Community Youth Center, are involved with the Coos County Master Gardener Program, present educational classes, and support transitions class (seed to sale) at Bandon High School.



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